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Potassium cinnamate

Potassium cinnamate is natural cinnamic acid potassium salt, is also a new product in the field of food preservatives, non-toxic harmless to the human body, safe and convenient, but also on the human body has a variety of health functions, so it is a great development and application prospects, it has caused the emergence of food preservative industry shock.

After the preservative sodium benzoate was identified by the British Food Safety department as susceptible to cancer, most countries have banned the use of potassium Sorbate, which became the current use of universal food preservatives. But the traditional preservatives, such as potassium Sorbate, only change the surrounding environment of food to achieve anti-corrosion purposes, can not be integrated with food, and within the limited dosage range, there are still residues in the human body, endangering health. Potassium cinnamate can be completely combined with food, will not become a food of allogeneic substances, without changing the original flavor and nutritional structure of food, from the food and the integration of the surrounding environment to achieve anti-corrosion purposes


Product Name : Potassium Cinnamate

Cas No. : 16089-48-8

M.F. : C9H7KO2

Molecular Weight : 186.25

EINECS : 240-244-7

Color : off-white powder

Boiling Point : 265℃ at 760 mmHg

Flash Point : 189.5℃


1. Natural food preservative

2. Good antibacterial ability

3. Be used in Medicine, agriculture and food