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4-methyl cinnamic acid methyl ester

4-methyl cinnamic acid methyl ester is a important items which mainly used in cosmetics. At present, there is a new method to produce 4-methyl cinnamic acid methyl ester, which has the advantages of low raw material cost, mild reaction condition, and methyl p-methylcinnamate obtained by one-step reaction, and the method is simple, easy to operate, high in yield, stable and reliable in product quality, and non-polluting to the environment, is a kind of green The method of synthesizing fragrance.


Name: 4-methyl cinnamic acid methyl ester 

Alias: METHYL 4-METHYLCINNAMATE; Methyl trans-4-methylcinnamate; Methyl 3-(p-tolyl)acrylate; methyl (E)-3-(4-methylphenyl)prop-2-enoate 

CAS.No: 20754-20-5 

Molecular formula: C11H12O2 

Molecular weight: 176.21 

Density: 1.057g/cm3 

Melting Point: 60-61 ℃ 

Boiling point: 272.9 degree C at 760 mmHg 

Appearance: White to light yellow crystalline powder 

Acid value(mgKOH/g): Is no more than 3.0


4-methyl cinnamic acid methyl ester is a pharmaceutical intermediate. It is mainly used for the synthesis of methyl bromomethylcinnamate, the upstream raw material of the antithrombotic drug Ozagrel sodium. Methyl p-methylcinnamate is brominated by N-bromosuccinimide to obtain methyl p-bromomethylcinnamate, methyl p-bromomethylcinnamate in ionic liquid N-n-butylpyridine tetrafluoroboron The acid salt was lyophilized with imidazole at room temperature and then hydrolyzed to obtain an antithrombotic drug, ozagrel sodium, with a total yield of 67%. Methyl p-methylcinnamate is first reacted with p-methylbenzaldehyde and malonic acid to form p-methylcinnamic acid, which is then esterified with p-methylcinnamic acid and methanol to form methyl p-methylcinnamate.