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What Are The Effects Of Food Additives On Food Safety?

Jul. 15, 2020

Learned from Cinnamon Alcohol Supplier. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to food nutrition and food safety. Food additive is an additive added to food in order to ensure the look and taste of food. Its main raw materials are chemical synthetic substances and natural substances. Both chemical additives and natural additives have certain toxic components, but this toxic component The hazard is related to the dosage of the additive and the chemical reaction of the human body, and it will affect the health of the human body when it reaches a certain level or dosage. Analyze and discuss the impact of food additives on food safety.

1 The main role of additives in food

Change the quality of food. The color, taste and shape of food are the main criteria for ensuring food quality. In the production of food without adding food additives, the processed food is often difficult to meet people's requirements in terms of color, taste, and quality, and the taste is not satisfactory, the shape is ugly, and it is not accepted by the majority of consumers. Adding food additives to improve processing technology can change these unfavorable factors, make food more acceptable to consumers, and meet the food needs of people of all tastes. With the large-scale development of the food manufacturing industry today, there are various additives, such as Cinnamic Acidand Cinnamon Additives.

Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic Acid

Adapt to the needs of different groups of people. In the application of food additives, food additives can not only change the quality of food, but also cater to the needs of different groups of people and people of different physiques. For example, a diabetes patient cannot choose sugary foods when choosing foods. If you want to meet the patient's taste needs, you need to add sweeteners to the food, which not only meets the patient's taste needs, but also ensures the patient's health.

Extend the shelf life of food. Another major function of food additives is to extend the effective shelf life of food. Today's food types are diverse, and food preservation and preservation are even more important. Adding synthetic additives to food processing can achieve the purpose of antiseptic and fresh-keeping. It not only changes the look and taste of food, but also prolongs the shelf life of food and maintains the nutritional content of food.

2 The impact of food additives on food safety

In the production process of food manufacturers, reasonable and scientific addition of additives is of positive significance for improving food quality and maintaining nutrition.

Excessive use of food additives. Modern medical research has confirmed that the amount of food additives needs to be controlled within a certain level and standard. Food additives exceeding the standard and the amount will cause serious harm to the human immune system.

Illegal use of food additives. At present, my country has made clear regulations on the types and production of food additives. Over-range use of food additives. In order to cater to consumers' psychology and increase the visual effect of food, food production companies have changed the scope of use of food additives.

From the above discussion, it can be seen that the rational use of food additives will not affect human health. Only excessive, over-standard and over-range use will have an impact on human health. Food safety concerns the health and life safety of the people, the healthy development of the economy and social stability, and the image of the government and the country. The correct use of food additives is the key to ensuring food safety. Generally speaking, food produced by regular manufacturers will use food additives in strict accordance with national standards, and consumers can eat with confidence.