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What is Affecting the Development of China's Flavor and Fragrance Industry?

Feb. 24, 2020

In the flavor and fragrance industry, there is no blank spot in the entire market, and it gradually changes to buyers. The flavor and fragrance market has initially formed a competitive pattern. Different types of companies have scrapped market share, such as Daily Cosmetics Spice. The entire industry is in a relatively stable period. After a brief calm, there will be big waves. New opportunities to break the old pattern are before us. Now, as an enterprise's marketing or manager, you can perceive that in the next period of time, due to China's accession to the WTO, China's business environment will undergo great changes. China's consumer market will also change, and the pattern of food companies will change. Our customers will also place ever higher demands. These make us predictable that increased competition is inevitable. It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to grow their business; whether it is an existing company or a newly joined company, whether it is a multinational company or a small trading company, it faces new opportunities and challenges.

The Chinese market is full of charm. The same goes for the food Flavors Essence Spice market. Since the 1990s, the large-scale entry of foreign food processing and manufacturing companies and the rapid development of the domestic food industry have attracted many multinational flavor and fragrance companies to settle in China. Until 2001, the 8 major international flavor and fragrance companies in the traditional sense were A factory has been set up and put into operation in China. Their joining has undoubtedly stimulated the development of the industry. Some domestic flavor and fragrance companies. Together with multinational flavor and fragrance companies, they have become protagonists in the flavor and fragrance market.

Because of these changes, it is necessary to repeatedly think about whether our past marketing ideas are effective. What methods do we need to take to meet future changes?

Before discussing, let's talk about the characteristics of products or services provided by flavor and fragrance companies. Because it is closely connected with the strategy we are going to take: Flavors and fragrances are food ingredients, which have the general characteristics of food ingredients, but it is different from other ingredients because it combines the scientific and artistic aspects of the product. It has its own unique place. The specific manifestations are as follows.

Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic Acid

It takes a lot of time and money to develop a good flavor and fragrance, and an experienced perfumer needs raw materials such as Cinnamic Acid. With their sense of flavor and understanding of various ingredients, plus rich imagination. In order to adjust the good flavor and fragrance. According to statistics, each flavor and fragrance must have about 30 kinds of raw materials. The better the flavor and fragrance, the more complex the composition of the ingredients. It is said that there are 300 kinds of raw materials for individual flavors and fragrances. This requires a lot of mental work to see its complexity. The results of flavor and fragrance are reflected in its formula. Associated with this is that once the formula is leaked, labor is lost. Because of this, flavor and fragrance companies need a series of measures to keep their formulas secret.