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Application Of Ethyl Cinnamate

Aug. 28, 2020

Ethyl Cinnamatecan be added to cigarette shreds as a flavor enhancer and flavor compensator. The monomer has a boiling point above 270°C. The retention rate of cut tobacco after flavoring, the phase transfer rate of mainstream particles after smoking, and the retention rate of the filter can be significantly improved, and it is relatively stable. It is an excellent cigarette flavoring agent.

Since the country clearly put forward the development requirements of Chinese cigarettes with high aroma, low tar, and low harm, the promotion of cigarette harm reduction and coke reduction and the cultivation of low tar cigarette brands have become the focus of attention in the tobacco industry. As consumers pay more attention to smoking and health issues, high-quality cigarettes with high aroma, low tar, and low harm are also in line with the future development trend of the cigarette market and meet the actual needs of consumer demand.

At present, studies have found that adding ethyl cinnamate to cigarette shreds can effectively improve the flavor of cigarettes. The monomer boiling point of ethyl cinnamate is above 270℃. After adding it to cut tobacco, it can effectively increase the aroma retention rate, the mainstream particle phase transfer rate after suction, and the filter retention rate. It is relatively stable and can make the human body It produces a harmless dependence effect and is a perfect cigarette flavoring agent.

Ethyl Cinnamate

Ethyl Cinnamate

At present, Cinnamon Series esters such as ethyl cinnamate have been used in tobacco additives in the United States and some developed countries abroad to enhance aroma and reduce harm. In China, Wuhan Cigarette Factory, Sichuan Panzhihua Tobacco Company and Henan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. have followed the international trend and added ethyl cinnamate as a cigarette flavoring agent to new cigarette production, which not only reduces the harm of cigarettes to the majority of smokers. Without reducing the original aroma of cigarettes, the market response and social and economic benefits are very good. Ethyl cinnamate has effectively promoted the sustainable and healthy development of the cigarette industry. The new type of low-burn and high-flavor cigarettes containing ethyl cinnamate will surely become the loyal choice of 500 million smokers in the future!

This product is found in natural Suhe incense and has a fruit-like aroma. It has a better effect when combined with scented purple bacteria and natural fruit essential oils, such as powders, perfumes, and essences. It is widely used in various flavors such as rose, citrus, narcissus, dragon birthday, amber, and Suxinlan. It can also be used as soap fragrance. It can coordinate other fragrances in soap and powder fragrances, and has fixed fragrance effect.

GB 2760-96 stipulates that it is temporarily allowed to use edible spices. It can be used as edible Flavors And Fragrances , and can be used as daily flavors and edible flavors. It can also be used as almonds, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, berries, mixed sweet drinks, balm, spicy, grape and cherry, etc. Type of deployment. It can also be used in edible bayberry flavor, with a clear, sweet and oriental fragrance. In addition, because of its high boiling point and stability, it is also suitable for baked goods.

Honey formulated with ethyl cinnamate as a raw material has the miraculous effect of skin care and beauty, improving immunity; it can also inhibit the formation of black tyrosinase and block certain ultraviolet rays. It is one of the indispensable ingredients in advanced sunscreens. One;

The anti-cancer drug paclitaxel or docetaxel synthesized from ethyl cinnamate through related chemical reactions has a significant effect on the treatment of ovarian cancer and breast cancer.