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Cinnamic Acid

Jun. 08, 2020

Cinnamic acid itself is one of the important organic synthesis intermediates and is widely used in medicine, agriculture, chemical industry, daily chemical and other aspects. Here is a detailed introduction from Cinnamon Chemicals Supplier.

1. Medicine:

The important drugs used in the synthesis of coronary heart disease are lactamidine and Xintongping, as well as chlorpheniramine and cinnamophenazine. Used in the manufacture of "Xin Ke'an", a local anesthetic, a bactericide, and a hemostatic agent; an important medicine for the treatment of coronary heart disease; Relaxants and antispasmodics. Mainly used for cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, coronary arteriosclerosis and other diseases. Can significantly inhibit the proliferation of lung adenocarcinoma cells.

2. Photosensitive resin:

It is the main synthetic raw material of negative-type photosensitive resin. It mainly synthesizes cinnamate, polyvinyl alcohol cinnamate, polyvinyloxycinnamate and epoxy resin with pendant cinnamate.

3. Plastic

Used as heat stabilizer of PVC, cross-linking agent of polycarbamate, flame retardant of lactam, bactericidal and mildew-resistant deodorant, can also be added to rubber, foam plastic to make deodorant shoes and insoles, also available It is used to prevent mildew in cotton fabrics and various synthetic fibers, leather, coatings, shoe polish, straw mats and other products. It also faces a broad market development space in preservatives and fresheners for fruits and vegetables.

4. Food additives

It is the main raw material of new health-care sweeteners aspartame, L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine. It is a raw material medicine for medical infusion and amino acid capsules and oral liquid; tyrosinase is a key enzyme for melanin synthesis. It initiates a cascade reaction of oleyl tyrosine transferase to a melanin biopolymer. Cinnamic acid inhibits the formation of black tyrosinase. It has a certain insulation effect on ultraviolet rays and can maintain a good fragrance. It is usually used as a raw material for fragrance and is also used as a fixative in perfumes.

5. Spices

Cinnamic Acid is a spice. Has a good fragrance retention effect. Usually used as a raw material for fragrance, it can make the aroma of the main fragrance more fresh and transparent. In addition, cinnamic acid has a higher boiling point than other organic compounds with similar molecular weight, so it is often used as a fixative in perfumes.

6. Agriculture

Can be used for preservation of fruits and vegetables. Cinnamic acid is used as a Preservative and long-lasting fungicide for fruit preservation.

7. Other aspects

Cinnamic acid can also be used as a corrosive agent for electroplating plates; it is also a reagent for the determination of uranium and vanadium; it is also used to prepare other chemical products such as hydrogenated cinnamic acid and cinnamic amide. It can be used for the storage and preservation of food, fruits and vegetables; the heat stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride; it can also be used in beauty products. The significant oxidation effect of cinnamic acid has a good effect on slowing the appearance of wrinkles; Crosslinker, polyurethane crosslinker; hydantoin flame retardant, polycaprolactam flame retardant; cinnamic acid is an effective inhibitor of A-5491 human lung adenocarcinoma cells, in terms of anticancer has great application value.

The above is the application of cinnamic acid, I hope to help everyone.